Congratulations on choosing dental implants. We hope they’ll serve you well and keep you smiling for a lifetime. Now that you’ve invested in dental implants, it’s your responsibility to make them last. The best way to maintain your dental implants is to maintain good oral health and treat them with care.

After your dental implant surgery, a change of diet is recommended during recovery. Your jaw and mouth may feel fatigued, and you may experience minimal pain after the procedure. Give your jaw a rest by eating a diet of soft healthy foods. We’ve put together a few guidelines to help our patients heal more quickly. This whole food, plant-based diet is highly recommended for patients who wish to improve their overall health and increase the speed of healing.

Even after your implants have healed, it’s still very important for patients to eat carefully and to treat their new teeth gently. Goodness Dental has given you a beautiful new smile. How long it lasts is up to you! Take good care of your dental implants by following the post-surgery guidelines below.