Goodness Dental is American-owned & managed with English speaking dentists and staff.

We stand behind our work and we exceed ADA guidelines with our Lifetime Guarantee* on dental implants and a limited dental guarantee on our crowns, bridges and other restorations. We’ll put it in writing.

If your dental implant should fail due to material, we’ll replace it for free…for life! Compare our guarantee to other competitors and see why Goodness Dental is the best dental team in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

* Goodness Dental will replace dental implant at no additional charge, in cases where there has been no osseointegration or where osseointegration has failed.


We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our top-rated dental implants.

"Should you find yourself in my shoes, needing complex dental work and concerned about quality and cost – give Goodness Dental a call and you will not regret it."

Derk Wyatt

The Lifetime Guarantee is void if the failure is caused by a trauma, an accident, or by any other damage caused by the patient or a third party; or the failure is caused by a clinical component placed in patients with accepted contra-indicated conditions to successful implant integration, including but not limited to diseases related to alcoholism, uncontrolled diabetes, and habitual drug dependency; or the implant subject to warranty claims has been used in direct or indirect combination with a clinical component or instrument originating from another dental provider other than Goodness Dental.

Modification or Withdrawal of the Guarantee:

Goodness Dental reserves the right to modify or withdraw this Guarantee at any time without notice.

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